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Leaders in the contemporary
kitchen environment

Sirius S.p.A. was founded in 1996 in the Marche area in Italy and operates in the market sector of residential air ventilation and purification. The company philosophy is to innovate the market of residential kitchen ventilation, while maintaining and improving high standards of technology and design.

It was the first company in the field to foresee the new applications of living the contemporary kitchen environment by investing, creating and introducing in the market utter innovations.

This ability to turn good ideas into products by combining creativity manufacturing and marketing, allowed the company to constantly grow, becoming in a short time the European leader in the field of high-end decorative cooker hoods.

The Passion of Conceiving and Finding Innovative Design Solutions

The aesthetics of the products and the corporate image are entrusted with the architect Giacomo Fava, who explains Sirius philosophy this way:
“Our mission is to imagine products that connect with the end user on an emotional and functional level. The creative approach entails a deep analysis of materials, technologies and human behaviours, with the aim to create objects that are simple, beautiful, clear, easy to use and long-lasting: objects with which you can fall in love.

At the core of every single project there is a long work, that sees the tight cooperation and synergy between the company and all the entities involved in the production process, to create a good product which is introduced in the market at the right moment.”