Bacteria, virus, mould, mites and all sorts of invisible enemies threaten our health and often cause allergies, flu and asthma.
Athena detects and captures all pollutant particles, releasing purified air in the whole room.
Athena combines aesthetic and technology together, ancient craft skills and digital interfaces, giving life to an object projected into the future, but with roots firmly rooted in tradition.
The ceramic shell is handcrafted and painted by the ceramic masters of Deruta. The Sirius Air Purifier combines powerful technology with innovative features to protect your family’s well-being and improve your home’s environment.
The Sirius Air Purifier works by cleaning the room air to a point where the contaminant level stabilises to a new acceptable level.
Indoor air quality is important to occupant health because it affects the health and comfort of occupants. Ventilation is the technique used for regulating indoor air quality.